Caudwell International Children's Centre

Project Management

The Caudwell International Children’s Centre (CICC) is the UK’s first purpose-built centre for multi-disciplinary therapy programs for childhood disability and research of neurodevelopmental conditions.

Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire
Caudwell Children (Registered Charity)
60,000 sqft
Construction Value:

Purpose-built with autistic children in mind, the CICC surpassed UK accessibility standards taking into account not only physical disabilities, but also neurodivergent disabilities not widely catered for.

The centre features two internal courtyards and an innovative ‘butterfly’ design which reflects the charity’s logo. The CICC aims to unite the world’s leading experts on autism diagnosis and therapy with the strategic aim to help negate the long-term reliance on social care and improve educational attainment and employment. From the internal and external curvilinear navigation, through to the building's advanced IT infrastructure and technology capabilities, the holistic approach to the design ensured that the completed building would become an active part of the children’s therapy.

This project demonstrates a unique user-led design which provided a new standard for truly inclusive buildings. The Caudwell International Children's Centre pushed the understanding of how inclusive buildings were designed as legislation generally focused on physical, auditory, and visual disabilities alone. There was little or no consideration for Neurodivergent disabilities which is something that, as an industry, must be challenged.